Mr. Sanghvi Ashok Kumar Jain he is a businessman who started Sanghvi Silver Palace in Vijayawada 2015. he have the 40 years of experience in the particular cession.

Sanghvi Silver Palace is the trademark for all verities of silver articals. We sell items of silver like Agra Payal, Fancy Payal , Anitc, B Kundulu, Bangles, Baskets, Bindi, Bowls, Chutulu, Chembu, Dollars, Dinner set, Earings, Elephants, Face, Frames, Glasses, Gold flowers, 108 flowers, Keritam, Harithi, Palavalli, Rings, Powder box , Elephant Plates, Kumkum Barenas, vcup Udani..

The proprietors of sanghvi silver palace Paresh Jain Sanghvi & Ketan Jain Sanghvi. We have whole sale and retails sale. we are supply silver articals for all states of our customers.

The main passion for our Sanghvi Silver palace is the customer’s satisfaction. Sanghvi Is the brand for silver Articals.

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